Coll's Beaches

There are some twenty 'larger' beaches around Coll and a further dozen or so smaller beaches (on the imaginary, indeterminable scale!). They all differ in their features and consequential attractiveness but being an island it should always be possible to find a beach sheltered from the wind-of-the-day.
Some are of golden white sand, some a greyer shade and most with a fantastic display of shell-sand, pebbles or rocks. Many offer safe bathing and first class surfing but a few have dangerous undertows where caution should be exercised.
All beaches are dynamic and change with the seasons and storms. You may return to your favourite and discover it's quite different to your last visit.

Access to all beaches isn't quite as convenient as, for example, Tiree. All of Coll's beaches are a little, to quite a long, way from a road but this ensures you're unlikely to have to share your beach. Unfortunately, this means disabled access is difficult. The closest beach to a road is at Red Rocks.

Coll's beaches are for all, and access should not be obstructed. Please remember guidelines laid out in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. During the spring and early summer many beaches are nest sites for birds so please keep dogs under control and keep a sharp eye out where you're walking.

For the kids, including the grown-up ones, there are some of the cleanest and liveliest rock pools you'd hope to find. Meanwhile, there's plenty of wildlife to entertain you, seals, sea birds and maybe an otter (more => Nature section) - despite having a beach to yourself, you'll never feel lonely !

This section is still under construction, the individual beach descriptions are yet to be completed.