Fibre Broadband on Coll

This page will be updated as and when more info becomes available

"Fibre broadband" was activated on 31st July 2019 at Coll's telephone exchange.
There are several types of fibre broadband and the type Coll has is called FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet). This means that there will NOT be a fibre optic cable directly into your house, the old copper wires will still be used and connected to one of two Fibre Cabinets (green cabinets) in Arinagour.

Expected Speeds:

Consequently, those in Arinagour will benefit most from this exchange upgrade, the further away you are from the village.... well you may, sadly, especially at the island extremities, see no speed increase at all.
Additionally, you will need to upgrade your broadband 'deal' to include FTTC broadband - and of course that costs more!
Below is a chart of expected speed against distance from the 'green cabinets'......

Source. Upload speeds are approximately 1/4 the download speed


Check availability (Check about half way down the page with your postcode => then select your property)

At the moment only those actually in Arinagour (with postcodes PA78 6SY, 6SZ, 6TA) and those closer to the village in PA78 6TE can apply for FTTC broadband. Unfortunately, anyone living a good distance out with the village may only see a minimal/insignificant speed increase for their larger bills ! and - you can only find out for sure once you've signed up, and paid, for the upgrade.
In addition, not all the 'TV advertised Fibre broadband suppliers' can supply FTTC broadband. Virgin Media, for example, cannot ! A list of those able to provide you with FTTC broadband can be found here.

Once you've decided you want the extra speed this is the process...

  1. Upgrade your existing 'deal' or strike up a new 'deal' with your chosen ISP (Internet Service Provider) .
  2. Openreach will then need to activate your phone line for FTTC broadband, in the Coll Exchange.
  3. Connect your new router.

You will need a new router, one capable of using FTTC broadband. Most ISPs will provide you with their own make but they often suffer from locked down features and are cheap (hence given away). Here you can find a list of OpenReach approved FTTC routers should you wish to use your own.