Electricity supply on Coll

The island's electricity supply is via overhead lines which are at 11,000 volts; and you will most certainly not survive if you come into close contact with one.

  • Do NOT fly kites near overhead lines.
  • Do NOT walk under an overhead lines with an extended fishing rod.
  • Do NOT operate a mechanical digger under overhead lines.

The Isle of Coll's electricity is fed from Mull and/or Tiree via sub-sea cables that terminate on Coll at Sorisdale (Mull connection) and opposite Gunna (Tiree connection).

Please help keep the island live and safe.....

  • If you loose power or see anything unusual, please report it.
  • If you see a pole on fire, do NOT approach it as any wet area around the pole's base may also be at a very high, and dangerous, voltage.
  • If you see an electricity cable fallen off a pole, dangling in mid-air, please report it.
Electricity contacts

The red lines shows the route of the main power distribution cables on Coll