Electricity supply on Coll

Do NOT fly kites near overhead lines or approach with long fishing rods.

The overhead lines are at 11,000 volts and you will most certainly not survive if your kite or fishing rod touches a power line.

The Isle of Coll's electricity is fed from Mull and/or Tiree via sub-sea cables that terminate on Coll at Sorisdale (Mull connection) and opposite Gunna (Tiree connection).

Please help keep the island live and safe.....

  • If you loose power or see anything unusual, please report it.
  • If you see a pole on fire, do NOT approach it as any wet area around the pole's base may also be at a very high, and dangerous, voltage.
  • If you see an electricity cable fallen off a pole, dangling in mid-air, please report it.
Electricity contacts

The red lines shows the route of the main power distribution cables on Coll