The sky

Modern day living has resulted in clear, unpolluted skies becoming an exception, particularly close to a city. The Isle of Coll is fortunate in being so remote from particulate pollution and light pollution, when the sky is cloud-free, we enjoy some of the best night time viewing in the UK.
One must be realistic, the Western Isles do suffer from bad weather but when it's not, one can enjoy some spectacular events.

With this in mind, in 2013 the island sought, and was granted, recognition from the IDA and became the 22nd site in the world to receive Dark-sky designation. This was a massive achievement for Coll and a reflection of just how special viewing the sky is on this wee island.

In the autumn, winter & spring the night sky can light up with millions of stars , the Moon , the Milky Way and, occasionally, the Aurora Borealis. All exhibiting unequalled clarity.
Mid summer, being so far north it never really gets dark, but you may be lucky enough to view some Noctilucent Clouds , another amazing spectacle.

Coll's Dark-sky status:

Aurora Borealis over Loch Ronard © Copyright, Tony Oliver

Aurora Borealis over Loch Ronard © Copyright, Tony Oliver