Arinagour - Àirigh nan Gobhar

Arinagour (Àirigh nan Gobhar in Gaelic) is the main settlement on the Isle of Coll, located centrally on the island's east coast. The village is close to the Ferry Terminal and is central to all of Coll's activities. The main characteristic of Arinagour is the pretty row of white cottages along the main street that straddles the shore of Loch Eatharna.

In Arinagour you'll find all of Coll's shops, Post Office, Fuel Pumps, Community Centre, Eating and Drinking Dens and Coll's only active church. It's a very pretty and sleepy place and a lovely village to unwind in. The current number of full-time residents is ~50.

There are no street lights in Ariangor so, in winter, it is highly recommended you bring a good torch.