Electric vehicle charging point - Coll

Above is a live-view of UK electricity production, indicating how 'green' current electricity really is! Source
(When Coll is disconnected from the mainland Grid & fed from Tiree, ~98 % of electricity is by non-renewables)

Argyll & Bute Council have installed an electric vehicle charging point in the grounds of Coll's Community Centre, An Cridhe.
The charging point is open 24/7 and offers 3 rapid charge connectors.

Fees & how to access charge points on the ChargePlace Scotland network can be found on Argyll & Bute Council's website: here for full details

A full list of charge points in Scotland can be found at www.chargeplacescotland.org.

Coll Charge Point Information   

Bays on site = 1
Tariff rate is £0.25 per kWh with a minimum charge of £1.80
Overstay charge: more than 2 hrs = £30

Above: Live-view availability at Coll Charge Point:
showing either ' Available ' or ' In use '