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Reptiles & Amphibians


The only reptiles found on Coll are the Common Lizard and the Sand Lizard.

The common lizard, as it's name suggests, is commonly found in many locations on Coll. Lizards are not widely distributed on the Scottish islands so it's presence on Coll is unusual, yet even stranger is that Coll is home to a second, and very rare lizard, the sand lizard. It is the only colony of sand lizards in Scotland with the nearest neighbours being found on the Lancashire coast. They were introduced to Coll ~1970 to help them survive the loss of habitats in England & Wales.

There are no know records of snakes (or are there?) or slow worms on Coll.


There was once no records of frogs, toads or newts on Coll. However, frog spawn was introduced into an Arinagour garden pond on the mid 2000s, obviously with little thought, and frogs are frequently spotted in every corner of Coll. Only time will tell how the introduction of this alien species will pan out.

© all images, Tony Oliver.