The Natural World of Coll

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It's the location of Coll, it's isolation, the minimal inhabitance and a sympathetic community that all add up in maintaining Coll's rich natural environment. Coll has many diverse habitats and this alone contributes to the unique variety of common and unusual species found here. The list of Coll rarities is quite special and this attracts many to Coll to study, or just experience, the thrill of a find.

Amphibians & Reptiles

There are no (known) snakes, frogs, toads or newts on Coll but, other than common lizards, there is a small colony of the very rare Sand Lizard.

Sea and land birds, both common in the Hebrides and rare to the UK can be seen on Coll.

Butterflies & Moths

Some resident and some migrant, Coll's habitats attract some special species.

Damselflies & Dragonflies

Many lochans and ponds are home to a variety of damselflies and dragonflies.


From dazzling floral carpets across the machair, to the specialists finds like the nationally-rare Pipewort or the Spotted Rock-rose.


The whole of Coll is based on very old and very hard heterogeneous Lewisian Gneiss.


Bees, Bumblebees, beetles and bugs.

Mammals (land)

Otters, hare, rabbits, hedgehogs, mice, shrews and, unfortunately, rats are all common on Coll.

Another dimension in and under the water, from giant basking sharks and whales to tiny shore molluscs, all to be discovered.