Above: Dùn an Achaidh (Dun Acha)

History & historical sites - Coll

The history of Coll is a topic for a specialist and I am not one. It would be easy, although impolite, to copy and paste others' work so instead I will point you to some excellent reads where you can browse at your leisure.

Coll has always been a dynamic island and that is true even today. The 'community', an entity many are proud of, is a consequence of all that live here and it cannot be denied that this is probably the most dynamic of island factors. The island's demographic is changing and it always will. That isn't to be written about as the history is too young, it is to be encompassed and to be part of.

For a general history lesson, the Coll in Crisis article by Brian Wills-Johnson is a splendid read. It is found on the excellent Isle of Coll Genealogy web site which too will provide a lot of detail to the historical facts of ancient happenings.

There are many articles about Coll's history, written by Collachs, to be found in the Coll Magazine archive. Started in 1986 by Pat Barr, the passing of the magazine is a loss to the record keeping about the community.

For a pictorial record of Coll (post the invention of the camera), the Isle of Coll Photo History facebook page is a must visit.

Historical Sites.

Coll is rich in historical sites, from Castles, Crannogs, Dùns ..... etc.
As a starting point, there are excellent guides by Brianann MacAmhlaidh on wikipedia:


Cup marks. There are actually three in a line, the 2nd just visible