Coll Heritage Trust

In 2014 The Isle of Coll Heritage Trust was formed by eight Trustees who were all residents of the island who wished that the knowledge of island's cultural and natural history should be saved.

Aims of the Trust

The Isle of Coll has been prized and used for the support of human life for thousands of years.

This unique geological and historical place should be continued through time as a unified whole, To this end The Isle of Coll Heritage Trust has been formed to support efforts to explore, study, preserve, enhance and develop the archaeology, history, culture, flora, fauna, geology, marine environment and way of life on the Isle of Coll and surrounding parts of Argyll and Bute as the Charity Trustees may consider appropriate.

None of these subjects should be sacrificed for the good of others. All should accommodate and support the whole.

The goal of the Founding Trustees and our successors will be to preserve and maintain each of the above so that all can survive and live together.

Unfortunately, the leader and brains of the Trust, Colin Scott, has past away and is sorely missed, and four other trustees have left the island, and so there are only two active Trustees. But we wish to rejuvenate the trust by attracting new members and Trustees. If you're interested please contact us.


  • Vice Chair: John McCann – 01879 230264

Registered address:
First Port of Coll, Arinagour, Isle of Coll, 01879 230374

A Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation: Registered Charity No: SC)449858