Explore & discover the Isle of Coll.

A small patch of paradise in the Inner Hebrides.

The Isle of Coll is a small Hebridean island situated off the west of Scotland. How to find the Isle of Coll.

Explore and discover the Isle of Coll, a holiday destination for many seeking peace and quiet. An inviting fusion of island community and outstanding natural beauty. The diversity of flora and fauna is breathtaking, no matter the season. Even in winter the Isle of Coll is quite special, an International Dark-sky Association recognised 'community' offering some of the best sky and star viewing in the UK.

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  • What you may see when you visit the Isle of Coll.
  • What to do when you are here.

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Calmac ferry status.
Click to go to Calmac's status website

Winter timetable
5 ferries per week,
Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday
leaving Oban at 07:15



Windy Gap Mobile Mast

Mobile Phone Mast #3
Coll's third mobile mast is to be located at the top of Windy Gap. Planning consent was granted on 28 October 2020. The mast will operate on the EE network.
More info here


Fibre-optic Broadband

Fibre-optic Broadband comes to Coll => Full details...
Postcodes PA78 6SY, PA78 6SZ and PA78 6TA have all been activated.
Some PA78 6TE postcode addresses have been activated (03.01.2020).
PA78 6TB - still waiting................


Isle of Coll Acrylic Photo Prints

Coll Digital Acrylic Photo Prints
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