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CORONAVIRUS - Phase 2 of unlock in force now:
You should stay at home as much as possible..

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If you get COVID-19 symptoms, phone NHS 111.
Please do NOT phone or go to Coll surgery.

Wearing a face covering is now mandatory in shops across Scotland.


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Coll Community Council notices

Coll Community Council notices about COVID-19 may be seen here

Scottish Gov: COVID-19 route map. Phase 2 and early Phase 3

Visit Scotland's simple-to-followed guide to unlock 'Phases'

Camping, Motorhome &s Yacht information
The Garden House Camp Site is closed until further notice.

The Isle of Coll can only accommodate two motorhomes more here

Currently one cannot camp in tents in the wild, or in campsites using shared facilities.

There are NO public moorings in Loch Eatharna (Arinagour) more here

Coll Medical Practice New Opening times/procedures

[email protected] | 01879230326 | 28th March 2020

Island support

By: Health and Well-being Network Coordinator for the Islands (Mull and Iona, Tiree, Coll and Colonsay)

Coll Medical Practice

[email protected] | 01879230326 | 2nd April 2020

Update from Coll Medical Practice

As the Coronovirus pandemic continues to escalate, you will be aware that we have been compelled to radically change the way in which we deliver care to our community.

We have had to put in place a number of plans in place to protect our community.

We have minimised physical contact and concentrated on telephone triage but continue to provide medical, medication and nursing (from Jenni Foote) advice by telephone.

Patients can continue to phone their prescription request to the Practice and we shall arrange the delivery of these items to our ‘self isolating’ patients or leave the prescription in the Practice porch by prior arrangement. Please phone from the car park to inform us of your arrival.

As we are experiencing difficulty in sourcing certain medication, we would like you to ensure that we receive a week’s notice instead of the previous 48 hours.

We are grateful for the additional support from our prescribing advisers and the pharmacies in Connel and Oban.

If a patient feels acutely unwell with symptoms of Covid 19 and requires medical examination, we have adapted out treatment room into a red zone where patients can be examined by the Doctor with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

The Doctor’s house beside the surgery has been set up as a ‘ward’ so that we can care for patients who are more seriously unwell where they can receive oxygen therapy whilst awaiting medical evacuation to hospital.

We have increased our stores of oxygen and have 4 oxygen concentrators.

We continue to be in regular communication with the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service who are committed to supporting our community.

We are assured that there is a bespoke solution in place to facilitate isolated transfer of critically ill Covid-19 positive or suspected patients from Coll to the receiving hospital.

The response times may be longer than normal due to the complexities of the logistics involved.

Military personnel have been assigned to every health board in Scotland to assist with logistics.

Testing is still limited to front line personnel but this guidance is also rapidly changing.

We shall continue to work together to support each other and care for our mental and emotional wellbeing during this difficult time as we ask people to change their natural human behaviour to stop the spread of this virus.

We have already witnessed the most amazing resolve from our community with many simple acts of kindness and generosity of spirit.

This is why we need to continue to observe the specific Chief Medical Officer’s advice in order to keep our community and the place that we love safe. Thank you for all the actions you have taken so far and for recognising that there is still a long stretch to come in which we cannot afford to become complacent about our social interactions.

Coll Medical Practice

Further information can be accessed at this link: nhs.inform


[email protected] | 01879230326 | 29th March 2020

You will most likely be aware of all the latest news updates about Covid-19 including that of the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland saying that restrictions placed on movement will be needed for at least 13 weeks to stop the spread. It is evident that things are not going to get easier over the next period and as this virus ramps up we are going to have to be patient with this advice and dig even deeper into our reserves to safeguard and support each other by continuing to self-isolate and observe social distancing.

Thank you for all your efforts so far. This will be even more testing over the coming months given it is now officially summertime and here on Coll this is usually when we make plans to get together with family and friends. Sadly, the consequences of failing to adhere to the guidelines are unthinkable.

While we hope not to have to use it, we want you to know that we have set up the Doctors house beside the surgery as a potential ward, in the event that we need it. We are immensely grateful to Niall Holland, (MSF Logistics) for his help and expertise with contingency planning this week. Also a huge thanks for a very generous donation of vinyl flooring from The Floorshop in Oban to create a clean area in the Doctor’s House and Maclennan Motors for delivering free of charge.

In order to help us plan and anticipate our workload we now need you to let us know if you think you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, or if you are generally feeling unwell. Please telephone the surgery on 01879230326 and this will help us establish and track the potential level of the virus on the island and plan appropriately.

We, in the Practice, also want to take this opportunity to personally thank all of you for your efforts and your willingness to help support us and our community as we work through this situation. We would particularly like to thank the amazing volunteers on Coll who have given up their own time to deliver vital supplies to our patients and vulnerable “in isolation “residents. Whether it be dropping off prescriptions or shopping, you are all doing a fantastic job and we thank you for your help. We are just starting out on this difficult journey together and it might take a longer time than we would hope but we must recognise and respect the fragility of our precious island life and remain focused in adhering to national guidance on social distancing and self isolation.

Please take care of yourself and each other and remember there is still much to enjoy about life on this special island.

Celine O’Neill (GP), Gill Rae (Practice Manager), Jenni Foote (Community Nurse)

Coll Medical Practice

[email protected] | 01879230326 | 26th March 2020

To our Community,

As you will all be aware, the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic is a national crisis, and has led to significant changes in the way we are able to look after you. We have put a number of plans in place to try and reduce the risks to you and we need your support and understanding to implement them. Health care workers are at higher risk of catching Covid-19 from repeated exposure, and every single person is at risk of carrying this virus before we show any symptoms. This means we are trying to minimise physical patient contact to all but the absolute essential, not only to protect us, but to protect all of you as well. This is why we ask you to phone us first if you need us, but to please phone 111 if you are concerned you are unwell with symptoms that could be Covid-19.

As part of routine care in our community, we normally seek to establish the views and wishes of our more frail patients and those with significant medical problems. This involves ensuring we have up to date information on matters such as Powers of Attorney held, and family contact information. We also try to have a conversation about whether somebody would wish to be looked after at home, or be admitted to hospital. Ideally this would be done in a calm, non-time pressured way, by someone you know, but this is no longer easy to arrange. With this pandemic upon us, we now need to ensure that the information we have about you is up to date, as a matter of urgency. We will not abandon you or your loved ones, but we need to be frank about the realistic outcome if you are unwell enough to need hospital level care from Covid19 infection. If you have significant health problems already, then it is sadly very unlikely that being ventilated will save your life.

It is our intention to phone as many of our patients as possible in the coming days and weeks ahead, so that we know your wishes, should the need arise. It would be helpful for you to consider this letter, and perhaps discuss it with your families, if you felt able. We hope in these unprecedented circumstances, you can understand the need to alter the way in which we normally ask these difficult questions.

We will endeavour to support everybody to the very best of our abilities, along with our extended community teams in these difficult days ahead.

Thank you for your consideration and may you keep safe and well.

Coll Medical Practice

New Social Distancing Measures

25th March 2020

The First Minister has called for an immediate stop to public gatherings of more than two people in Scotland in a bid to flatten the curve of Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread and to protect the NHS. Following a meeting of the UK Government’s COBR committee, an effective ban is in place on gatherings in public places, excluding household groups or in a work-related capacity.

In addition – as the First Minister had set out previously – all non-essential shops should be closed, as well as public spaces such as libraries, communal parks and playgrounds, and places of worship.

The ban extends to ceremonial social events, such as weddings and christenings, with the exception of funerals which will be restricted to immediate family only.

The First Minister was clear that these decisions are not taken lightly, ‘but are essential for the protection of all of us.’ From last night, the only permissible reasons to leave your home are as follows:
• to shop for basic necessities and that should be limited to once a day;
• to take exercise once a day - but alone or with your own household, not in groups;
• for medical reasons or to care for an ‘at risk’ person; and
• to travel to essential work if that cannot be done at home. Further guidance to employers will be provided shortly.

In agreement with Police Scotland, officers will be permitted to deploy ‘soft enforcement’ of these measures, prior to the Scottish Government taking legal powers from Thursday.

The First Minister reiterated guidance for people to stay home and only venture outside when absolutely necessary. In line with existing advice, non-essential retail units are now required to close and shopping for basic necessities kept to a minimum.


Coll Medical Centre 21 Mar 2020

You will all be aware of the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic which is evolving at extraordinary speed across Scotland and also here on Coll.

We are receiving daily updates from NHS Scotland and Health Protection Scotland and the situation is escalating rapidly. Understandably everyone is concerned however there are still actions we can all take to minimise the risk to us a fragile island community. As a community we already demonstrate enormous resilience, kindness and compassion but in order to keep all of our community safe especially our elderly and more vulnerable members we must adhere to the national guidelines and professional advice which is to follow social distancing advice, avoid gatherings, stay at home and not travel unnecessarily and wash our hands thoroughly in order to save lives and reduce pressure on the NHS.

It is hard to convey the enormity of the crisis that we are facing but you only have to look at elsewhere in the world to know that if we don’t change our current social practices and take appropriate precautions people will die.
Here on Coll we do not have the medical infrastructure to deal with a crisis of this nature and we must try and contain the situation as much and as urgently as possible. Therefore the actions we all take today have the potential to avoid over-stretching limited NHS resources and save lives in the coming weeks.

Like everywhere else we already have Covid-19 on the island however what you may not know is that there is a real difference from the mainland and our neighbouring island of Tiree in that the healthcare delivery on the Isle of Coll is particularly fragile with only one Doctor providing the medical and nursing community care, and no contingency. For coronavirus patients who become seriously ill there is currently no immediate medivac capability as the medical helicopter is not suitable and although the fixed wing air ambulance is an option for Tiree, it is not a possibility for Coll airport due to its short runway.
In addition Calmac ferries will only transfer coronavirus suspected patients in an ambulance on the car deck with a 2 man crew. This has the limitation of ensuring there is a land ambulance and crew available when the ferry sails and is also clearly weather and time table dependent.

These are not insignificant challenges in the event of a spread of the virus and furthermore we, like the rest of the islands are experiencing difficulties in sourcing essential drugs and respiratory equipment for our resident population and strive to ensure that they are our priority.

We all know the extreme danger this virus poses. This message however is to inform you of the extreme fragility of our island community in relation to the Coronavirus. If we are to get through this situation we must all take precautions we thought unthinkable only a week ago. Think carefully about visiting the island at this time, stay at home if you can, avoid gatherings and maintain frequent and scrupulous hand and face hygiene.

Only in this way will we have a better chance of safeguarding the community, people and place we love and that we can continue to enjoy in the future.
Calmac ferry status.
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Essential Lifeline Timetable
Emergency timetables are in force:
4 ferries per week,
All leaving Oban at 07:15am
Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday
This timetable has been extended until at least 14 July 2020

Local Info:
Shopping at T.e.s.Coll

Web Site

We are now moving into phase two and our door is now OPEN! It will be on a one in, one out basis or same household. We will ask that you use hand sanitiser and masks - we have both - but if you have your own please use them to preserve our supplies.

To this end, we would like to reassure all shielding or isolating folk that we will continue to deliver for as long as needed. However we would ask that all those out of these brackets to please come to the shop. If this is a problem for anyone please get in touch and we’ll happily sort something out with you.

We would also ask that fruit, vegetable, bread and milk orders are still placed by midday on a Monday. This will ensure that demand is met whilst the ferries are less regular. Please can we ask that we still get your fruit, veg, bread and milk orders in at the very latest by 12:00hrs Monday.

  • Monday 09:30 - 13:30
  • Tuesday 09:30 - 13:30
  • Wednesday CLOSED
  • Thursday 09:30 - 13:30
  • Friday 09:30 - 13:30
  • Saturday 13:30 - 18:00
  • Sunday CLOSED

Orders for other times will be taken by phone on 01879 230262 during the opening hours displayed above only, or can be submitted by email at any time. Happy to deliver. Collection of orders during these hours please.

**Orders by phone or email after midday will carried over to the next working day.

Email: [email protected]

Paula & Dougie

How to Pay:

Contact-less or Bank Transfer
If you need to pay by bank transfer, please indicate this at time of order and we will supply our bank details.
Please pay promptly, for obvious reasons. We need the funds to buy further stock.


30 Mar 2020

PO will be open 09:00 to 12:30 Tuesday Thursday and Saturdays.

Please call Fiona on 01879 230395 out with these days for anything you might need

Petrol & Diesel, CCFS

25 Mar 2020

Coll Community Fuel Supplies Ltd

Opening Times:

  • Sat: 10 - 12 noon
  • Tues: 10 - 12 noon
  • Thurs: 3 - 5 pm

All sales will be restricted to £45 contactless transactions, with the exception of medical and emergency services vehicles. (They will be billed separately.)

All customers will be required to open their own fuel caps and fuel containers themselves.

No customer is to touch the pump nozzles (there is no need), is not to go into the office except when asked to present their card to the streamline machine and is asked to maintain their distance from the staff as much as possible.

Many thanks Alison, Diane and Paul

Alison Fraser on behalf of CCFS

Coll Hotel

30 Jun 2020

The Coll Hotel has issued instructions and procedures for their re-opening. Please visit their website for full details -