Coll Life

Coll outside dining

Coll Life – making the most of the fine weather.

The beautiful island of Coll hosts a full time population of just under 200 folk. The island boasts a vibrant primary school and has a healthy demographic mix with high levels of employment and a wealth of community groups. We are a small tight-knit community of (often) strong minded individuals, with many things linking us together.

In this section you will find some useful articles and links covering upcoming events, a list of local shops, artisans and other island businesses plus information about community groups.

Community Groups

Coll Seniors

This is a voluntary organisation which holds coffee mornings and other social events throughout the year.  If you would like to find out when events are happening, please contact Jean Peddie.

Jean Peddie Tel: 01879230040 or email

Coll Show Committee

The Coll Show takes place on the first Thursday in August every year.

Ross Evans on 01879 230240 (Convenor), Kip Poulson 01879 230479 (Sec) and Paula Smalley on 01879 230354 (Treasurer)

Development Coll

Development Coll exists to promote the sustainable development and regeneration of the Isle of Coll for the benefit of residents, visitors, groups and businesses. It is owned and managed by the local community and is a development trust with charitable status.

Development Coll 

Isle of Coll Heritage Trust

The advancement of education, community development,culture and science.

Contact Jo Scott – Tel:  01879230212 or Email :

Kids Club

The Coll Kids Club was formed in 2009 in order to provide social, recreational and educational activities for children and young people of Coll. The group brought together under one umbrella a number of different groups that were more age or activity specific.

Since its formation, the Kids Club has run regular Saturday morning sessions at our local community centre; after school club on Tuesdays and “Friday football”. The club works in partnership with Youth Scotland, Argyll and Bute Council and the local primary school.

The club relies on regular fundraising activities (lots of cake and coffee!) and welcomes local kids and visitors alike.



Coll Life – The vibrant primary school

The island has a bustling primary school situated in the village of Arinagour, with close on 20 pupils. The children are in composite classes: generally divided between P1,2,3 and 4 and the “big” class of P5, 6 and 7. There is also a Pre-5 Unit within the school, which uses the school’s dining room in the morning. This room is also used for activities such as drama and music. The children use An Cridhe for their PE lessons. For secondary education, the default arrangement is for pupils to go to Oban High School, board for 5 to 6 nights at Glencruitten Hostel, travelling back to Coll for weekends. Some parents choose to send their kids further afield to a variety of private schools. In recent years there have also been Coll kids going to Tiree High School or being home educated.



Coll Life – Beach cleaning

The Coll Recycling Group (RecyColl) was established as a voluntary group in 2006. The Group aims to engage with local residents, statutory, voluntary and business organisations and visitors to promote recycling, re-use and waste minimisation. The group currently leases the Old Hall from the community council from where it runs a second hand shop (opening times). The group works in partnership with Argyll and Bute Council to deliver recycling services and runs island based schemes focusing on re-use of glass, cardboard and veg waste on the island. Visit the RecyColl website for more information.